NOTICE: There is a bug where if you activate a hexagonal piece before you've activated all of the rectangular pieces, the game will freeze. Sorry!

Click and drag on the boxes to connect them together. Discover new ingredients and products, and figure out the proper ratios to keep everything moving smoothly!

Created for Extra Credits Game Jam #4

Tags2D, Abstract, vector
Average sessionA few minutes


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This game is awesome! Nice one!

Thank you!

This game is so good. Tons of quality and good design.

Nice concept. Looks great as well

Thank you!

This is fantastic! I get the same feeling playing this as I do with a game like factorio, but I love how abstract it is. I'd love for this to be a full game, with ways to move modules around, and with more ways to handle / split / store / etc. 

I definitely drew a lot of inspiration from Factorio while making this! I agree, I had ideas for moving things around, panning the camera, and splitting production, but I had to skip them due to time constraints. Thanks for playing!

Really cool concept and visuals! I loved how there is no tutorial needed because it is already hidden in the gameplay. I'm not sure if it's just me playing at 10pm, but I got tired on level three. Every time half a dozen new tiles appeared on the screen I subconsciously went "Ughh, now I need to reconnect the entire thing " ... Maybe if you show new tiles one or two at a time, it would be less frightening 😅

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback! That's a fair point, I was kind of rushing to finish the third level and didn't spend enough time tuning it. I'll definitely try to smooth it out if I make a post-jam build!