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Will there ever be an infinite gamemode? I want to play this forever and ever haha

The game (both the Jam version and the updated version) gets a little bugged if I switch to another browser tab and come back later. It's like part of the game engine continued running, but other parts (gfx?) didn't.

And I agree with other people: having a full version of this game would be great.  :)

Very good; reminiscent of Mini Metro, a bit. Suggested UI improvements: Automatically break links that cease to be useful (when a block changes from "startup costs" to "producer"); make it clearer which direction a link goes in; make it clearer what a not-yet-paid-for block will produce once it is paid for.

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the suggestions!

such a nice game i agree id love to see a more full version at a decent price Hugs everybody

Thank you! I would like to make this into a more complete game but I work full-time, so I can't make any promises.

I love this game kinda gives me a mini metro factorio merge would love to play more levels I already plated these 3 levels twice

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you liked it enough to play it twice :)

Is there any way to save the final build for showing someone offline?

Ooh, that's a good question. I can look into making a version that will work offline.

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Love this game! How did you accomplish the vector type style? I thought you could only use sprites or meshes?

Thanks! I used the HTML5 Canvas for all of the graphics, which has a variety of methods for drawing shapes using lines and curves. Here is a page with a simple example :)


This game is awesome! Nice one!

Thank you!


This game is so good. Tons of quality and good design.


Nice concept. Looks great as well

Thank you!


This is fantastic! I get the same feeling playing this as I do with a game like factorio, but I love how abstract it is. I'd love for this to be a full game, with ways to move modules around, and with more ways to handle / split / store / etc. 


I definitely drew a lot of inspiration from Factorio while making this! I agree, I had ideas for moving things around, panning the camera, and splitting production, but I had to skip them due to time constraints. Thanks for playing!

Really cool concept and visuals! I loved how there is no tutorial needed because it is already hidden in the gameplay. I'm not sure if it's just me playing at 10pm, but I got tired on level three. Every time half a dozen new tiles appeared on the screen I subconsciously went "Ughh, now I need to reconnect the entire thing " ... Maybe if you show new tiles one or two at a time, it would be less frightening 😅

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback! That's a fair point, I was kind of rushing to finish the third level and didn't spend enough time tuning it. I'll definitely try to smooth it out if I make a post-jam build!